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2024 Shared Value Awards

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Introducing the Shared Value Awards: Where Purpose Meets Profit

In a world where businesses play a pivotal role in shaping our collective future, the pursuit of shared value has become more critical than ever. We believe that true success is measured not only by financial gains but by the positive impact a company creates for its stakeholders and society at large.

Why Shared Value Awards?

The Shared Value Awards recognise and celebrate organisations that have embraced the philosophy and practise shared value – the strategy of simultaneously creating economic value and driving positive societal change. These awards honour the impact leaders who have integrated social and environmental considerations into their business models, underscoring that the pursuit of purpose not only aligns with profit motive but can be a compelling catalyst in achieving it.

Award Categories

This year we’ve refined our award categories to reach a broader group of organisations, investors, NFP’s and government bodies. The Shared Value Awards are designed to celebrate the great work being achieved using shared value strategies, regardless of the industry or sector you operate in.

If you are unsure which category, or categories, are appropriate for your award submission, please reach out to us at for some support.

Shared Value Innovation

Celebrating companies that have demonstrated innovative approaches to creating shared value through new products, services, or business models. Read more and apply here.

Enhancing the Community

Recognising organisations that are actively working to strengthen the communities in which they operate, in ways that meaningfully connect with their business operations and therefore are creating both societal and business value. Read more and apply here.

Advancing Equity

Recognising organisations committed to advancing equity in all its forms, breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity in ways that are strategic and core to their business / organisation. Showcasing how their approach is delivering tangible value to their organisation whilst meaningfully contributing to more equitable outcomes. Read more and apply here.

Climate and Nature Solutions

Honouring organisations that leverage shared value strategies to address the pressing challenges posed by climate change and the state of nature. To be successful in this category you must demonstrate how your business is adopting regenerative business models that tackle climate and/or  biodiversity issues.  This award recognises those leading the way in developing shared value solutions for a planet in need. Read more and apply here.

Partnerships for Purpose

Highlighting strategic collaborations between businesses, NGOs, and/or governments that drive positive impact on a key societal challenge in ways that leverage each other’s unique strengths. You must be able to identify the economic and societal value created through the partnership approach. Read more and apply here.

Shared Value Investing Award

Celebrates investment strategies  that deliberately integrate shared value principles at their core. This category recognises investment practices by fund managers, wealth advisers, foundations and corporates that go beyond the investment criteria of traditional asset classes by generating positive social and environmental impact alongside market based financial returns.  Pure impact investment without full financial returns are not eligible for this award. Whether through impact investing, sustainable finance, or innovative financial models or dedicated shared value funds,  this award honours organisations driving  the solution to social problems through the lens of investible capital. Read more and apply here.

Shared Value Philanthropy Award

Shines a spotlight on philanthropic initiatives that transcend traditional charity, embodying shared value principles at their core. This prestigious category acknowledges organisations and individuals whose philanthropy not only addresses a social need but critically has the intention at is core of generating over time sustainable, long-term impact by understanding and leveraging the economic opportunity of the social change they seek. Read more and apply here.

Shared Value Bravery Award

This special category recognises those who are bravely leaning into the critical issues of our times and challenging the status quo. These individuals or organisations fearlessly lead by example, proving that bravery and shared value are a powerful combination. May be awarded to an individual or organisation. Read more and apply here.


Meet the 2024 Selection Committee


Let us celebrate your success so that it might inspire others.

Key Dates

  • Submissions open: Friday 8th December – Friday 8th March
  • Selection Committee review: Monday 11th March – Friday 22nd March
  • Finalists announced: Thursday 28th March
  • Announcement of winners (Sydney): Thursday 9th May

Who should enter

Companies, nonprofits, investors and individuals who can show commitment to creating Shared Value by demonstrating achievements in effectively incorporating social and environmental concerns into their fundamental business strategies.

Entry Fees (AUD)

Shared Value Project members: $150
Not-for-profit entries: $150
Non-member organisations & individuals: $300
Additional entries: $100 per entry

How to Nominate / Enter

Click on the links below each category listed above, to complete your application.

A Note on Measurement

Entrants should be able to demonstrate the shared value created – the societal impact and the business value. If the shared value work is in progress, evidence of the progress and/or value sought will be important for judges to see how the initiative is expected to create shared value.

What we’re looking for:

  • Examples of where you are solving (or working to solve) societal problems (environmental, social, or both), through profitable business solutions that are core to your organisation’s purpose; or
  • Examples of where you are partnering with the private sector to enable business to solve for societal issues, profitably

What we’re not looking for:

  • Examples of donations or giving to charitable causes
  • Examples of supporting local or community projects, organisations or individuals, where it does not relate to your core business purpose
  • Examples of projects that have societal impact which are separate to your core business purpose

Terms and Conditions

Before submitting your application, please refer to the terms and conditions.


Not all profit is created equal, let’s redefine success.


Join us in recognising and celebrating organisations that are leading the way in creating shared value – where purpose and profit converge to build a better world for all.