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Shared Value Masterclass | Partnering for Systems Change

Zoom | June 21, 2022

Led by Ramana James, this third session will explore the important role of partnerships in informing shared value strategy and design, and how shared value is critical to enable systems change. You will hear about IAG’s Sustainability & Safer Communities model, and how shared value has helped to guide their approach to partnerships as a powerful way to bring the root cause of the issue into focus and influence systems level change.

Shared Value In-Practice Series | Building capacity for long-term social procurement partnerships

Zoom | July 21, 2022

Social procurement is gathering momentum as a mechanism to create long term social value. Social procurement is when an organisation purchases goods or services from an enterprise that creates social value in their business model. In the construction sector social procurement has gained prominence as government buyers are often required to allocate a certain percentage of their expenses to creating social value. By creating long-term sustainable and scalable partnerships, organisations support the growth of the social enterprise sector whilst helping enterprises deliver on projects requirements. You might also call it… creating shared value.

Shared Value In-Practice Series | Advocating for and motivating shared value in your organisation

Zoom | September 15, 2022

One difficult task when embarking on a shared value journey is bringing others along. This is true whether you are working in large or small firm, at the executive level or middle management, or sitting within a sustainability team or a standalone business unit. However, your unique position within your organisation does imply different entry points and obstacles to keep in mind as you navigate. Layusa Isa-Odidi will walk participants through some initial approaches to thinking about how best to advocate for shared value from a range of positions and encourage them to reflect on challenges and entry points within their own organisation.