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Creating Shared Value for Nonprofits

This Shared Value strategy program for nonprofits is purpose built to increase our collective capacity to meet the big challenges of our time, by:

  • Reimagining how we fund impact
  • Rethinking established roles and relationships: philanthropic, government, private sector and NFP’s
  • Re-skilling and up-skilling NFP leaders in shared value strategy
  • Remaking markets to address unmet needs
  • Responding to the changing corporate landscape and the rise of ESG and purpose.

Shared Value leverages the intersection and interdependencies that exist between private sector success and societal progress.

By challenging the private sector to rethink its contribution to creating a fairer, more equitable and sustainable world – we can create new models for impact, and importantly solutions that come with inbuilt investment vehicles.

Shared value strategies and principles have been adopted globally for more than a decade. It’s time to flip the strategy on its head and arm non profits with the tools to leverage private sector assets, investment and IP to scale their impact.

This program will enable participants to:

  • Design shared value strategies to unlock sustainable funding sources
  • Seek impact-aligned partnerships
  • Fund the time and effort needed to solve complex issues
  • Use shared value as an innovation strategy and building their entrepreneurial organisational muscle
  • Articulate their impact in both economic and social value terms, critical to identify and attract shared value partners (including government)
  • Redefine/expand their value proposition

Ultimately to become more self sufficient and finally being able to answer the question ‘how will you fund this program once the grant concludes’.

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Program Dates

  1. Shared Value for Nonprofits course – September 11th & 12th
  2. Executive Education – October 22nd – 24th
  3. Coaching – Ongoing for 6 months from completion of Creating Shared Value for Nonprofits course (Shared Value Project membership will continue for an additional 6 months)

Program fees

There are a number of ways in which you can participate in the program.

Option 1 (recommended): Full program $19,500, includes

  1. 2 x places in this Shared Value for Nonprofits course
  2. 12 month membership to Shared Value Project, including one on one coaching
  3. 1 x place in Executive Education for CEO / Board member

Option 2: Education course plus membership and coaching $13,500

  1. 2 x places in this Shared Value for Nonprofits course
  2. 12 month membership to Shared Value Project, including one on one coaching

Option 3: Education course only $3,000 or $5,000 respectively

  1. 1 x place in this Shared Value for Nonprofits course ($3,000), or 2 x places in this Shared Value for Nonprofits course ($5,000)


Thanks to the generous support of our philanthropic partners, we will have some full and partial scholarship support available, as we appreciate that not all nonprofits are able to fund this exercise themselves. You can indicate if you’d like to apply for scholarship funding in the form below.

Should you have a philanthropic supporter who wishes to fund your placement, we can work with you to coordinate this as well.


Next steps?

  1. Want to explore options and suitability? Contact us at for a chat; or
  2. Ready to submit your application? Please complete the below form and we will be in touch.

Which program option are you applying for?