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Mentoring Circles Program

Mentoring Circles come together each week for 5 weeks for an intensive program that aligns skill with will. It focuses on 5 key learning areas that are designed to enhance understanding of how you apply shared value strategic thinking into your business.

                • Week 1: Foundations in Shared Value Strategy
                • Week 2: Theatre of Change: Beyond Zero
                • Week 3: Eating an elephant: the next bite
                • Week 4:  The Cheat Sheet: lessons from the field
                • Week 5: Insights from a Practitioner: Ask a Expert

Learn more about the learning areas

You are guided by a Mentor and the program is designed around curiosity, immersing yourself in the knowledge of others, and discovering the knowledge you have to share with this professional community. It is deliberately designed to bring together insights from across sectors, to get you out of your bubble to learn valuable nuggets and apply them back to your own situation.

Attendees come away with the ability to understand shared value as a strategy for thinking about ESG activities, an awareness of the complexity that needs to be navigated, techniques for engaging stakeholders in impact focused conversations and a stronger network of professionals who understand how to use a strategic framework for focusing on the impact issues that are strategic to your business.

Or download the brochure here

When does it happen

It runs for 5 weeks, once a week and you are expected to make each session. If you need to miss up to 1 week, you can join in that session in the next cycle.

Mentoring Circle Cycle 1: Wednesday 21st February, 12pm for 5 weeks – closed

Mentoring Circle Cycle 2: Tuesday 30th July 9.45am – 10.45am for 5 weeks

If you’ve missed the above dates, you can still submit your expression of interest and we’ll be in touch when the next cycle dates are announced.

How to Apply

If you are interested in taking part in the program in 2024, please complete the application form below, and we will be in touch to confirm your acceptance. Priority is given to members, and then to those working closely in impact, sustainability (social and environmental) and business strategy roles.


  • Completion of the 1 hr Foundations Webinar, a Masterclass or the Shared Value eLearning Module (links will be provided on approval of application)
  • Ability to apply knowledge in your current role
  • Commitment to attend weekly online meetings for 5 weeks

What to Expect

  • Each session is online and 1.25 hours long (one is 1.5 hours) and will follow the same ‘learning then sharing’ rhythm
  • You are guided by a Mentoring Lead who will share a different lesson each week
  • You will break into smaller ‘curious conversation circles’ with guided support for sharing knowledge
  • You are challenged each week to find a ‘valuable nugget’ to take away

Learning will not just be about the strategy of shared value, but in those myriad of soft skills that make everything, from exploring the problem, to engaging with stakeholders in order to genuinely deal with complexity, more effective.

Accreditation Badge

To receive your Shared Value Explorer accreditation badge you must:

  • Complete the program pre-requisites
  • Attend a minimum of 4 out of the 5 mentoring sessions*
  • Contribute to building your peer group genius through valuable nuggets

*If you miss up to one session, you can make it up in the next Mentoring Circle cycle that is being run.

What does it cost

It is free for employees of Shared Value Project members (see here if your company is a member), or $750 for non members.