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Climate and Nature Solutions Award

Climate and Nature Solutions

Honouring organisations that leverage shared value strategies to address the pressing challenges posed by climate change and the state of nature. To be successful in this category you must demonstrate how your business is adopting regenerative business models that tackle climate and/or  biodiversity issues.  This award recognises those leading the way in developing shared value solutions for a planet in need.

This category is open to companies, businesses and social enterprises to enter. Please acknowledge all partners (government, NFP, academic, other).

How to apply

You will need to complete the following questions as part of your submission. Please ensure you have all the information required to complete your entry before commencing, as you cannot save your progress. You will also have the option to upload any relevant associated documents.

  1. What climate or nature based opportunity or problem did you identify?
    Max 1500 characters
    (Hint: What opportunity or problem did you identify and how does it intersect with your business? Why is this problem important for you to tackle)
  2. Tell us about the process you undertook to understand the opportunity or problem deeply.
    Max 1000 characters
    (Hint: Did you engage community organisations, internal or external experts or others to get closer to the issues and your role within it?)
  3. Describe your solution/initiative?
    Max 1500 characters
    (Hint: Is your business adopting circular or regenerative solutions, or has it made significant changes to its operations or ways of working to tackle climate and/or biodiversity issues?)
  4. What business value did your initiative create or do you expect it to create (if it’s still in progress)?
    Max 1000 characters
    (Hint: We are looking for tangible business value, profit, new or retained customers, new/expanded market opportunities, cost reduction, resilient supply chains, productivity improvement/efficiencies, skills uplift for employees, employee retention, talent attraction etc).
  5. What measurable results do you have to demonstrate the positive environmental impact you’re creating?
    Max 1000 characters
    (Hint: If you don’t have data or an existing measurement framework for impact – how are you evaluating your progress?)
  6. Who did you partner with to achieve your outcomes, and why?
    Max 1000 characters
    (Hint: Consider partners who helped you understand the issue you’re trying to solve as well as delivery partners)
  7. Is your initiative scalable? If not yet, then what more is needed in order to assess its viability to scale?
    Max 1000 characters
    (Hint: If you have successfully created both societal value and business value from your initiative then we would expect it to be scalable, so if not please explain why not)

Check out more tips to make a great award submission here.

Once you have prepared the details for your submission, complete your entry below.

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Make sure you’ve got all of your material ready for your submission as you cannot save your progress during the application process. Please note that you will be required to pay your award submission fee at completion of your entry (this payment can be made by card or PayPal.


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    Before submitting your application, please refer to the terms and conditions.