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Shared Value Bravery Award

Shared Value Bravery Award

This special category recognises those who are bravely leaning into the critical issues of our times and challenging the status quo. These individuals or organisations fearlessly lead by example, proving that bravery and shared value are a powerful combination. May be awarded to an individual or organisation.

In the face of today’s monumental challenges, we look to individuals and organisations as beacons of courage, daring to think differently and challenge the norm to illuminate new paths forward. By celebrating and spotlighting these trailblazers who defy the status quo, we not only applaud their bravery but also ignite a collective spirit of inspiration, fostering a future where innovative thinking and audacious action propel us toward positive change.

If this is you or your organisation (or someone you know), tell us their story. Including:

How they are:

  • Bravely championing for a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable world and or responding to a critical need of our time
  • Tackling an issue that is systemic, entrenched or just difficult to shift
  • Challenging expectations, norms or the status quo
  • Successfully collaborating with others (especially with competitors or cross sector partners)
  • Making a tangible positive impact
  • Sharing their knowledge and expertise in ways that inspire others to do more
  • And anything else you’d like to share to help us understand why you or your nomination is deserving of our Bravery Award.

As part of your award submission you can upload supporting documentation to help tell your story.

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Make sure you’ve got all of your material ready for your submission as you cannot save your progress during the application process. Please note that you will be required to pay your award submission fee at completion of your entry (this payment can be made by card or PayPal.


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