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Research and reports

Taking shared value forward means staying informed of the latest developments in the purpose sector. That is why we collate the most recent research from our region and beyond to keep your finger on the pulse.

Africa Shared Value Research Report

Shared Value Africa Initiative

The current perceived state and understanding of Creating Shared Value among businesses operating in Sub-Saharan Africa: A South African and Kenyan perspective by Shared Value Africa Initiative and Strathmore University Business School.

COVID-19: Companies, let's get practical


The COVID-19 crisis is forcing companies to reexamine their impact on society and their responsibility to all their stakeholders—employees, customers, communities, and partners alike. In this article, FSG share a framework to help companies leverage their unique strengths to serve those most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

The Social Ecosystem Dilemma

Shared Value Initiative

In today’s complex world, companies everywhere are confronting long-entrenched social or environmental problems that have major financial consequences for the company and its shareholders yet cannot be addressed by normal business practices. This report addresses how the social ecosystem limits shared value and describes a five-step process to ecosystem change

Where ESG Fails

Michael E. Porter & George Serafeim & Mark Kramer

Despite countless studies, there has never been conclusive evidence that socially responsible screens deliver alpha. A better model exists, argue Harvard Business School luminaries Michael Porter, George Serafeim, and Mark Kramer.

The Business Imperative to Improve Mental Health in Australia

PwC, Shared Value Project

This report showcases the business opportunity in pushing beyond reactive measures and compliance in mental health, to reap the financial returns and resilience that comes with combatting one of Australia’s most pressing issues.

2019 State of Shared Value in Australia and New Zealand

A.T. Kearney, Shared Value Project

Five years after launching the Shared Value Project in the Asia Pacific, this important business strategy continues to gain momentum.

2019 Shared Value Project Impact Report

Shared Value Project

The inaugural Shared Value Project Impact Report demonstrates the growth of shared value in the region over the past five years.

Shared Value Measurement Guide

Andrew Hamilton & Phil Preston

This guide will help you discover how to begin measuring shared value? What do you need to know? What literature is out there to support your measurement process?

Insuring Shared Value

Shared Value Initiative

Using examples from pioneering companies around the globe ‘Insuring Shared Value: How Insurers Gain Competitive Advantage by Better Addressing Society’s Needs’ makes the case for insurers to pursue shared value. The research has uncovered three major opportunities for insurers to create shared value aligned to the role of insurers as risk manager, risk carrier, and asset manager.

Can Insurance Companies Incentivize Their Customers to Be Healthier?

Harvard Business Review

Insurers have a unique opportunity to align their commercial interests with encouraging preventive behaviors. By employing a “shared value” model, insurers, along with public services, can directly “monetize” better individual behavior as healthier or safer individual outcomes, lower claims costs, and improve risk pools, which can be translated into lower-priced premiums and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.