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Highlights from the 2016 Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York

May 12, 2016

Our leadership team along with a cohort of our Australian members attended the 2016 Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York this week – ‘Changing the Wording is Just Good Business’. The Summit is the major annual shared value event globally held by the Shared Value Initiative. Read the highlights over the two days from our Executive Director Helen Steel.

Day 1 – Tuesday 10 May

1.  Captain of the #sharedvalue ship, Prof Michael Porter and Jim Yong Kim, President World Bank began the day with the proposition that “without the private sector there is no hope of getting where we need to” go.

2.  Alan Murray, Fortune Magazine led a dynamic conversation with 4 companies who are ‘Changing the World’, Ayala Corporation, MasterCard, CVS Health and Novo Nordisk, inspiring the next wave of companies to make the 2017 list.

3.  We were all moved by the impassioned call to action from Angela Glover Blackwell, President & CEO Policylink to use shared value to create a pathway for the emerging American middle class.

4.  Dr James Bernstein captured our imagination with Eniware a portable sterilization unit and asked the question why aren’t there more investment funds for life saving, social innovation technology.

5.  On a final note, outstanding leadership is essential for shared value transformation to happen.  Join us for more of this exciting conversation tomorrow and watch live.


Day 2 – Wednesday 11 May

Day 2 took saw the conversation shift toward the power of collective action. 

1.  Barbara Bush, Co-Founder & CEO of changemaking Global Health Corp joined the conversation on forging partnerships for next generation talent.

2.  Heavy hitting investors from Generation Investment Management and Goldman Sachs agreed that values and ethics ARE a business decision.

3.  In a discussion led by Lise Kingo, Executive Director, UN Global Compact we learned that many companies are starting to tackle issues associated with the Sustainable Development Goals including Coca-cola who understands risks associated with water, the lifeblood of the community.

4.  The hot item of the summit was of course the limited edition Mark Kramer button.  Did you get your hands on one?

5.  Congratulations to our partner the Shared Value Initiative for hosting a fantastic summit which has generated such rich conversation around #sharedvalue and will no doubt go a long way towards changing the world.  We look forward to #SVLeaders 2017.


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