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Workshops to Act on Shared Value at the 2015 Shared Value Forum

March 26, 2015

The 2015 Shared Value Forum will include an interactive workshop presenting ‘how to’ develop, deliver, integrate, and communicate shared value strategies within your organisation, and understand the role of stakeholder and community partnerships.

In a fast-paced and interactive format, forum participants will circle through four facilitated sessions, learning from experts who have developed practical tools and applied them in practice.

Topics include:

  • How to create a shared value function – Evolving your organisation’s functions, roles, and systems to capitalise on shared value opportunities. [Facilitator – Nathan Robertson-Ball, Banarra]
  • Shared value strategy – The questions to ask and the most effective approach to take in developing a business case, business strategy or project that creates shared value. [Facilitator – Rhod Ellis-Jones, Ellis Jones]
  • Community engagement and partnership development – Designing, communicating and facilitating community partnerships to balance business and social returns. [Facilitator – Phil Preston, Performing with Purpose Network]
  • Social purpose in brand identity – Embedding social purpose in brand identity to build trust, partnering consumers and stakeholders in creating shared value. [Facilitator – Jo Osorio, Edelman]