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Ten steps to embedding shared value

May 7, 2019

A 10-point action plan for companies to capitalise on shared value is a key feature of the 2019 State of Shared Value in Australia and New Zealand Report released this week by the Shared Value Project and AT Kearney.

With practical insights about what it takes to move up the shared value maturity curve, based on a survey of 40 executives from 34 companies and in-depth c-suite interviews, the report is geared at inspiring and empowering businesses to become more sustainable by looking beyond the balance sheet to the social areas intrinsically linked to their operations.

Five years after launching the Shared Value Project in the Asia Pacific, this important business strategy continues to gain momentum. And with global uncertainty and social divisions only deepening, there could be no better time to invest in shared value as a method for generating mutual benefit for both corporations and communities.

Building on The State of Shared Value in Australia 2015 Report published by Social Ventures Australia and the Shared Value Project, the report also surveys current trends in shared value.

The aim is to encourage further businesses across Australia and New Zealand to adopt and advance their shared value efforts; committing to being a force for good.

The report will be a key focus at the 2019 Shared Value Summit Asia Pacific in Sydney from June 18-19, exploring the theme of Business on Purpose.

Click here to request a copy of the 2019 State of Shared Value in Australia and New Zealand report.