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Story Bank: New podcast series from Bendigo & Adelaide Bank

April 9, 2017

Our Founding Member Bendigo and Adelaide Bank have launched a new series of podcast episodes, going behind the scenes of the world of the Community Bank. Hear from Mark Kramer about the Community Bank and shared value, Managing Director Mike Hirst about the connection between business and community success, and some of the voices you don’t usually hear from – the people behind the scenes who make Community Bank and their communities the vibrant and thriving metropolitan suburbs, regional cities and towns and remote communities that they are today.

Episode 1: Bright sparks with big ideas
In every community across Australia you find people with big ideas. Hear from Community Bank leaders to get their insights on how government and community can better work together to build successful and sustainable people and places.

Episode 2: People with purpose
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank are guided by the principle that their role is to feed into prosperity not off it. In this episode you’ll learn about the Bank’s unique shared value strategy and how this has transformed hundreds of Australian communities for the better.

Episode 3: Talkin’ bout a revolution
At a time when many banks chose to divest in Australian communities, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank chose to invest. We visit the farming town of Rupanyup in Victoria, where the community banking revolution started, and then inner-Melbourne to see how urban communities have embraced this unique banking model.

Episode 4: Necessity the mother of invention
Inventing financial services that empower people and encourage financial inclusion is a key strength of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. In this episode find out how the Bank is helping people from all walks of life including the disadvantaged, retirees, farmers and young people.

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