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Sasha Courville

General Manager, Social Impact, NAB

Sasha Courville is General Manager, Social Impact at NAB.  This includes strategy development and coordination of Shared Value and CR Initiatives, stakeholder engagement on environmental, social and governance issues, best practice non-financial performance and reporting and coordination of NAB’s response on key societal issues across the enterprise.

Previously, she led NAB’s Natural Value Strategy, a Shared Value initiative, managing natural capital risks, taking advantage of new opportunities and supporting agribusiness customers to do the same.

Prior to joining NAB, Sasha was the Executive Director of the London-based ISEAL Alliance, the global association for sustainability standards and assurance systems, systems that have played key roles in defining productivity in value chains. She has also worked as an international consultant on social justice and environmental sustainability issues in soft commodity sectors, and as an academic, based at the Regulatory Institutions Network at the ANU.  Sasha was responsible for setting up the Fairtrade labelling system in Australia and New Zealand.

Sasha has a PhD on coffee from the ANU, an MSc from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from York University in Canada.