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Peter Burns

CEO, YMCA Victoria

Peter is the passionate, innovative and deeply committed leader of one of Victoria’s leading charities, YMCA Victoria. As a teen volunteer he witnessed the demise of the YMCA in Melbourne from afar. Choosing to join the organisation early in his professional career, Peter has been a key figure in YMCA Victoria’s resurgent over three decades. He and his remarkably stable leadership team have built a fiscally robust organisation, dedicated to optimising social impact. Chief Executive since 2001, his active interest in creating innovative shared value opportunities and, in particular, working with the Shared Value Project is strong.

A previous Chair of the YMCA World Urban Network of CEOs and member of the National YMCA Strategic Management Group, Peter is a regular contributor to several international YMCA committees and groups. He is currently Secretary of the Father’s Day Council of Victoria, and Director of several not-for-profit entities and a member of The Rotary Club of Melbourne.

An engaging speaker and group facilitator, Peter is regularly called on to speak at conferences, seminars and workshops. He regularly shares his insights on community strengthening, youth empowerment and innovation with anyone who will listen! In return, he promises to listen deeply too.

His latest favourite saying? “… beware of strong leadership that worships at the altar of the status quo.”

A father of three, Peter and his family live in Melbourne, where they enjoy community life and are deeply involved in local community activities including the local festival and sports clubs.