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Good Shepherd Microfinance – 2016 Shared Value Award

Winner, Civil society organisation leading through shared value

Good Shepherd Microfinance offers a suite of human-centred, affordable financial programs to people who are financially excluded. These programs promote economic wellbeing for people with low incomes, especially women and girls, and move clients away from financial crisis to resilience and inclusion. They work collaboratively with corporate, government and community sectors to create people-centred financial programs that enable clients to realise their own economic wellbeing as they define it themselves.

Good Shepherd Microfinance has adopted a shared value approach to support and grow the development of their programs and services, and work with their corporate partners to achieve this and address the issue of financial exclusion in Australia. Over the long term, their goal is to see people on low incomes move along the financial inclusion continuum from financial crisis and hardship to stability and resilience. As they move along the financial inclusion continuum, they use more products and services from businesses and participate more fully in the economy. Good Shepherd Microfinance’s shared value approach is organisation-wide and embedded across all programs and partnerships, with the strategy guided by the General Managers, and commitment from the CEO and Board of Directors.