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Damien Mu

CEO, AIA Australia

Damien has more than 17 years’ experience in the Australian financial services industry, with management experience spanning operations, claims and underwriting, superannuation, investments, distribution, product, pricing and marketing.

Damien’s career at AIA Australia began in April 2007. Over that time he has held various roles as Head of Group Insurance, Chief Distribution and Marketing Officer and the role of General Manager – Life Insurance.

In the roles of Chief Distribution and Marketing officer and General Manager- Life Insurance, Damien had responsibility for Group Insurance, Direct and Individual Life channels at AIA Australia, including product management, pricing and marketing for the company. In this time, the company achieved significant, positive growth across all three channels of the business and the recipient of a number of major Life Insurance awards. In 2013, the company also launched AIA Vitality as an integrated value proposition. Vitality is a leading global health and wellness program with over 5 million members worldwide.

In July 2014, Damien was appointed to the role of Chief Executive Officer, a reflection of his instrumental part in driving AIA Australia’s growth and sustained success in the Australian market.

Prior to joining AIA Australia, Damien held various roles at Superpartners. These included Operations Manager for Australian Super and National Manager of Insurance and Claims Services. He has also worked in the Retail Master Trust environment at both Colonial and Norwich Union.

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