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Anthea Smits

CEO, The Difference Incubator (TDi)

Anthea is the CEO at The Difference Incubator (TDi): an organisation committed to bringing together the worlds of doing good and making money through integrated business models. A key focus for Anthea (and TDi) over the past 18 months has been developing innovative responses to Shared Value. One such example is YuMi ( – a partnership program between TDi, Carnival Australia, and Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, YuMi is about creating local indigenous tourism business in the South Pacific that can contract to Carnival. Late last year YuMi won a Shared Value Award for its innovation and collaboration.  

Anthea has a background as an entrepreneur and impact investor, which means she brings a practitioner lens to her work.  Anthea brings extensive experience in social enterprise development, international development and working in commercial business.  She is deeply driven by the idea that business is part of the solution to address the social and environmental issues we face.  

TDi works with social enterprises, whatever their stage of development, from initial trading through to mature and ready to grow. It runs a successful accelerator program through Australia and the Pacific called Two Feet.  The program works with entrepreneurs and MSMEs to get on their own Two Feet.