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New case studies from World Vision

June 1, 2017

Building on their Storyteller presentation at the 2017 Shared Value Forum, our member World Vision Australia have released two new case studies on their shared value work around the world.

Learn how World Vison is working with a number of partners to use shared value and new technology to protect people and their assets from shack fires in South Africa and Bangladesh, and adopt a pro-poor market systems approach to agriculture with the MASE project in Cambodia.


Lumkani & fire protection reimagined: Using shared value to protect people and their assets from shack fire – Cape Town, South Africa & Dhaka, Bangladesh

Across the world, one person in every ten lives in a slum. As the global population rises, this number is expected to grow. Every day, people living in slums face a deadly risk to their health and safety…fire. To address this growing issue, international development organisation World Vision formed a partnership with Lumkani, an innovative social enterprise in South Africa. Together they implemented the prototype test of Lumkani’s rapid-fire system across 1000 slum households to alert families and the community of the ignition or spreading fire.

Download the Case Study

The MASE Project: Micro-franchised agricultural service expansion project – Cambodia

Around the world, farming communities rely on the land to survive. Without the help of modern agricultural techniques, quality inputs, up to date training and market linkages, farmers struggle to provide for their families.

In an effort to address the complex causes of poverty faced by Cambodian farmers, and ensure sustainability of the social impact created, World Vision has partnered with iDE and Lors Thmey to develop the Micro-Franchised Agricultural Service Expansion (MASE) Project (2016-2017). Adopting a pro-poor market systems approach to agriculture, the MASE project has considered key questions on how economic value or cost savings can be delivered, private sector engagement and the potential to scale.

Download the case study

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