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Invitation: Creating Shared Value: Economic Success and Social Impact at Harvard Business School

July 2, 2015

Professor Michael Porter invites you to apply to attend the intensive two-day program on Creating Shared Value: Economic Success and Social Impact, to be held at Harvard Business School in Boston, 9-11 December 2015.

The program brings together senior corporate managers in both line and staff roles from the U.S. and abroad, together with selected leaders from nonprofits and government entities interested in strategic partnerships with businesses.  The curriculum is primarily targeted toward corporate leaders in strategy, operations and innovation and those with overall responsibility for sustainability or corporate impact.

Since the publication of Professor Porter and Mark Kramer’s article “Creating Shared Value” in Harvard Business Review in January of 2011, there has been a growing global movement to incorporate this thinking into corporate strategy.  Shared value makes societal impacts integral to a company’s strategy, and offers major new opportunities in every business to improve growth, profitability and competitive advantage.  Adopting a shared value strategy, however, requires new thinking in the way companies design products and services, enter new markets, manage their value chain, engage with the communities in which they operate, and communicate with investors.  Numerous studies over the past three years have documented how companies have successfully implemented shared value strategies in health care, finance, food, agriculture and extractive industries in both advanced and emerging markets.

Join Professor Porter, Mark Kramer and other leading HBS faculty members for two days of intensive Harvard Business School–style case discussions, guest protagonists, and concept presentations to discuss shared value concepts and their application. The program is built around in-depth case studies of leading organizations that are implementing Shared Value approaches, among others Dow Chemical in the U.S., Discovery Health in South Africa and the United Kingdom, Yara in Africa, and Novartis in India.  A brief prospectus describing the program is attached.

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Image credit: Shared Value Initiative