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Insights from Shared Value Leadership Summit – Day 1

May 7, 2019

The seventh annual Shared Value Leadership Summit, held in Boston this week, commenced with great energy and anticipation, bringing together shared value leaders from around the world for three days of discussion, learning and collaboration.

Among the attendees, a delegation of leaders from the Asia Pacific shared value community have been sharing their insights across social media and via a series of videos.

Purpose enabling shared value

Highlights from day one included hearing from Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, co-creator of shared value. Provoking discussion surrounding purpose statements, the links between social and economic purpose and the relationship of shared value and purpose, Porter’s presentation was a highlight of many participants.

Danielle Duell, CEO of People with Purpose, told SVP: ‘What’s really inspired me, as someone who practices as a purpose-led strategist, is to see the thoughts of this community evolving to understand the role that purpose can play as an enabler of shared value strategy’.

Investment driving real impact

Day one also featured author and speaker Nilofer Merchant, and a conversation around the potential for investors to act as enablers of purpose-driven enterprises, with Lee McDougall, from SVP Founding member IAG, listing ‘the opportunity to create real impact from investment’, and hearing about Daniel Epstein’s Unreasonable Impact as stand-outs.

From employee engagement to employee fulfilment

Aaron Hurst’s provoking message on employee fulfilment was another highlight, and included how a growth mindset, when combined with values, generosity and destination, equals a purpose mindset. Elliot Anderson, from SVP Founding Member NAB, says the challenge now is to find out how we can be ‘aiming for something more ambitious than just employee engagement. Walking away from day one, it’s really about unpacking what that information means for us.’

Want to see how the conversation continues? Join us at the 2019 Shared Value Summit Asia Pacific 18-19 June in Sydney. We will be exploring the theme ‘Business on Purpose’, and are certain the insight into the role of purpose in advancing shared value will only increase.

Keep an eye out for our highlights from Day Two.