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IAG report calls for collaboration and co-ordination to combat climate change

November 11, 2019

SVP Founding Member IAG’s new report interprets the latest climate science to understand how climate change is impacting the severity and frequency of weather events like tropical cyclones, hailstorms and rainfall, and what is likely to happen in the future. 

IAG Managing Director and CEO Peter Harmer said there is an urgent need for Australia to prepare for and adapt to climate change.

“Each year we are confronted globally with extreme weather events that become natural disasters. This report shows that our climate is changing more rapidly than some have predicted, so it is critical there is a coordinated national approach from governments, industries and businesses to build more resilient communities and reduce the impact of disasters.”

The report concludes that climate change will require broad-scale collaboration and co-ordination across all sectors of the community. Climate change is too big for one organisation to solve.

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