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Fortune’s fifth Change The World List

August 19, 2019

With a rise in political and environmental instability across the globe, 2019 has reinforced to many the necessity for innovative, scalable and sustainable solutions to solve society’s biggest problems.

In collaboration with the Shared Value Initiative, Fortune’s fifth Change the World list sets a new global benchmark for just that – companies that have made social and environmental benefits a core aim of their business model, gaining a competitive edge as a result. 

Each company featured both embodies and delivers on shared value principles, and the intentional and strategic pursuit of purpose is inspiring.  We extend our congratulations to the organisations featured this year.

2019 also marks five years Shared Value Project and we are encouraged to see the shared value momentum growing across the globe and within our region at a rapid rate.

The 2019 Shared Value Awards are a chance to celebrate this, and tickets are on sale for the 2019 Shared Value Awards Gala Dinner, to be held on October 23 in Melbourne. Purchase tickets here.