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DFAT announces new BPP partners in India

November 29, 2018

Congratulations to the partners selected for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Business Partnerships Platform program in India.

The Business Partnerships Platform (BPP) is a flagship initiative through which the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) partners with business to help deliver Australia’s aid program. The BPP enables businesses and their partners including Non-Government Organisations, not-for-profits, and academia to apply for co-funding of initiatives that will create new business opportunities that directly address specific aid objectives of the Australian Government.

The Australian Government’s engagement with the private sector is built around the concept of shared value – that Business can deliver sustainable social impact in developing countries while achieving commercial returns. Engaging the private sector is at the cornerstone of Australia’s modernised aid program to support economic growth, incomes and jobs. DFAT’s BPP is helping to accelerate Australia’s collaboration with business in addressing development challenges in our region.

The recently announced BPP partnerships in India will support shared value solutions in the agribusiness, energy and health sectors.

Congratulations to DFAT and its BPP partners:

  • The Karma Healthcare partnership with the Smile Foundation will address an unmet need in preventative healthcare in rural Rajasthan and contribute to a business model that can ultimately be self-sustaining.
  • The Madhya Pradesh Women Poultry Producer Company (MPWPCL) partnership with Intellecap aims to redefine markets for female poultry farmers in rural India by tapping into the largely untouched market of processed poultry in India and by establishing a pilot program where MPWPCL can convert at least 25 per cent of its total produce into processed products.
  • The Pollinate Energy partnership with Kalpavriksha Greater Goods and Greenlight Planet aims to increase the rate of sales of eco-friendly products into rural areas by recruiting more women and providing them with support to develop their business and provide for their families.
  • The Village Energy partnership with Rural Development Trust creates an economic and social model that delivers significant community development benefits that can be replicated elsewhere.

DFAT’s BPP aims to create shared value partnerships that will advance the economic and social conditions in developing countries around three principles; development, partnership an business.

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