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ChangeLabs join the Shared Value Project as a Founding Member

June 10, 2015

The Shared Value Project member network continues to expand, and this month we are delighted to announce ChangeLabs as our newest Founding Member.

ChangeLabs are a unique consultancy that design, enable and execute large-scale behavioural change programs. Their programs effectively link a compelling social need to a powerful brand position with a focus on markets, messages, mediums, and measurement.

ChangeLabs have partnered with leading companies on projects including Start Smart with the Commonwealth Bank Foundation, Optus Digital Thumbprint, ASB Getwise, Beyond Chalk in partnership with Apple, and IBM’s Productivity Project.

ChangeLabs only does projects that inspire positive change, and have a set of strong core beliefs that reflect the shared value approach, including:

  • Companies shouldn’t spend money on things that don’t create value and return for shareholders. The good news is that companies don’t have to choose between shareholder value and community contribution; when done correctly, companies will do well by doing good. Social investment needs to be done in a way that is strategically aligned with the organisation.
  • The best way for businesses to extract value from their social investments is by owning brand-aligned issues through signature programs.
  • The fastest way to get access to customers is to find the intersection between community interest and business objective.
  • Organisations will gain more respect and brand equity for genuine, ongoing commitments in this way than they will for flashy stunts and temporary interventions.

We look forward to working with ChangeLabs and their contribution as a Founding Member to the cohort of leaders and companies influencing the development of shared value in Australia.


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