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Shared Value Philanthropy | Intrepid Foundation

The Intrepid Foundation, the not-for-profit arm of Intrepid Travel, has implemented a shared value philanthropic initiative that integrates the foundation’s activities with the core travel business. By embedding philanthropy into Intrepid Travel’s products and engaging customers in the spirit of giving, the foundation aims to create animpact model that directly ties the company’s commercial success to community impact.

How the foundation connects its program to business value creation:

  1. Aligning travel products (trip) with an NGO partner, ensuring that every traveller learns about a local issue and has the opportunity to donate to a local solution. This enhances the customer experience and fosters a sense of connection and purpose.
  2. Empowering tour leaders to discuss the foundation on trips and creating opportunities for customers to donate pre and post trip. This integrates philanthropy into the customer journey, strengthening brand loyalty and differentiation.
  3. Setting a company-level fundraising goal of $2M, making all staff and leaders accountable for the result. Ensuring that the foundation’s success is prioritised across the organisation and aligns employee efforts with the mission.

By designing the philanthropic initiative to grow in tandem with the travel business, the Intrepid Foundation has created a model that ensures long-term profitability and success for Intrepid Travel while generating a direct and positive impact on the communities it serves. This shared value approach transcends traditional corporate philanthropy and serves as an inspiration for other customer-facing businesses to engage their customers in meaningful giving.