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Shared Value Bravery | Voice for Social Good

Voice for Social Good is a volunteer group of women social impact leaders in Hong Kong. In 2023, they launched the #BakeADifference campaign to advocate for flexible, operational funding for nonprofit organisations. The centerpiece was an animated video using a baking analogy to illustrate the need to fund nonprofit operations like staff, training, and overhead in order to effectively deliver services, just as one must pay for ingredients, bakers and equipment to make bread.

The video gained significant traction online with over 87,000 views globally and 700+ shares on LinkedIn. It aimed to normalise conversations around operational funding needs and was accompanied by a Discussion Guide with collaboration tools.

Key achievements highlighted include successfully lobbying for over $1 billion HKD in emergency Covid funding for Hong Kong nonprofits in 2020, and issuing an Open Letter to Funders resulting in over $58 million in new funding for 30+ nonprofits.The campaign advocates for decent wages for the predominantly female nonprofit workforce and recognition of their expertise. It aligns with the group’s broader mission of creating a more equitable Hong Kong.

Moving forward, Voice for Social Good plans to host a workshop using the #BakeADifference video to facilitate discussions among 120 nonprofit and funder leaders on improving the operational funding landscape.


For the #BakeADifference video which is at the heart of their campaign, you can view it here.