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Shared Value Bravery | Town Team Movement

The Town Teams movement is a brave, citizen-led approach that challenges the status quo in community development and placemaking. By fostering collaboration between residents, businesses, landowners, and local governments, Town Teams inspire a sense of ownership and pride among community members, tackling the systemic issue of disengaged communities and declining local areas.

Growing from 15 informal teams in Perth to 150 registered Town Teams globally, the movement has engaged over 3,800 people in positive community actions. Town Teams operate on principles of integrity, honesty, and respect, bridging gaps between stakeholders and fostering constructive partnerships that drive tangible impact.

Successfully implemented in diverse communities, the scalable Town Team model promotes “places for people,” reshaping the narrative around urban development. By sharing knowledge and best practices, the movement inspires a global shift towards more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable places.

The founders left their careers to create a more inclusive, community-driven approach to building healthy, connected, and resilient neighbourhoods. Through their dedication and innovative strategies, Town Teams are making a profound impact on countless lives, one place at a time.