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Partnerships for Purpose | NRMA Insurance

NRMA Insurance (NRMAI) partnered with Australian Red Cross to address the increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events in Australia, which pose risks to customers and communities and lead to higher claims costs for the business. The partnership focuses on educating and empowering Australians to prepare for extreme weather through various initiatives, including the Get Prepared App, EmergencyRedi™ workshops, and joint preparedness messaging campaigns.

Partnership Strategy:

Red Cross brings its trusted stakeholder relationships, preparedness expertise, and community presence, while NRMAI contributes its natural perils expertise, claims insights, scale, reach, and influence. The partners collaborate closely to co-develop initiatives using a human-centered design approach, and then jointly promote and activate them at scale, building deep trust and the ability to pivot based on societal and business issues over the length of the partnership.

Societal Value Created

  1. The partnership empowers and educates communities and customers to be better prepared to protect themselves when extreme weather strikes, addressing gaps in knowledge and practical steps to prepare.
  2. The December 2023 Tracker research confirmed that the number of Australians with an emergency plan reached a record high of 41%, up from 36% in 2021.

Business Value Created

  1. The partnership initiatives have contributed 139,000 actions towards IAG’s target of 1 million Australians and New Zealanders taking action to reduce their natural hazard risks by 2025, aiming to reduce weather-related claims costs over time.
  2. NRMAI has built brand equity and trust in a competitive market through joint campaigns and initiatives, with positive sentiment and increased brand perception among Australians.