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Partnerships for Purpose | Ethical Supply Chain Program

The Ethical Supply Chain Program’s Family-Friendly Factory program aims to tackle the issue of lack of childcare being the leading reason for workers in China leaving their jobs. The program provides on-site childcare facilities and family-friendly policies at factories, in partnership with organisations like Save the Children, UNICEF, and toy industry partners.

Societal Value Created

  1. Reduces childcare burden and enables both parents to work while raising a family, empowering women to return to work after giving birth.
  2. Alleviates financial stress and improves work-life balance for workers, with 61% finding the support helpful in alleviating pressures of raising children.

Business Value Created

  1. Improves worker retention, talent attraction, worker-management trust, and productivity, according to the 2023 impact report
  2. 79% of managers reported increased worker retention, and 94% said workers were more motivated at work.