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Thriving Workplace: Defining it, creating it, valuing it

  • August 31, 2023
  • Online
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Based on insights from an annual survey across all Australian industries over the last 8 years, SuperFriend are bringing our community their actionable insights on thriving workplaces.

The 2022 Indicators of Thriving Workplace provides the latest industry level information regarding workplace mental health and covers five Domains needed for thriving workplaces plus Psychosocial Hazards, offering a useful and practical framework to support employee’s mental health.

Aimed at people from across Human Capital, Internal Culture and Brand, Change Management and Team Leaders wanting to drive thriving workplace cultures. This session will share a broad range of insights from across industries, and deep dive into those industries most attendees belong to (make sure you tell us on the registration form).

It’s not just our current economic times and ‘war on talent’ that make this discussion important. The economic cost of poor mental health from toxic work environments is in the hundreds of millions, and the flow-on effect in families and communities is critical to manage. However, if employers establish a serene work environment where tolerance and acceptance are customary, and foster an atmosphere of openness that encourages employees to ask questions without feeling guilty, it is likely that productivity will experience a boost.

Speaker Bio

Associate Professor Ross Iles is the Chief Research Officer at SuperFriend. Prior to joining SuperFriend his research focused on the prevention of unnecessary work disability, that is, when people are ill or injured and unable to work. Now his focus is on providing actionable insights and “shifting the dial” when it comes to workplace mental health. Ross’ approach to research focuses on developing partnerships to understand the problems to be solved and to identify solutions that fit best with the demands of all stakeholders.

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