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SVP Member Shared Value Action Plan Framework Workshop

Developed in partnership with DiUS, SVP is excited to introduce the Shared Value Action Plan Framework to our members; alongside DiUS Principal Consultant Pete Cohen.

  • April 30, 2020
  • Online
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The framework has been designed as a practical tool to help individuals and organisations ideate and innovate shared value initiatives that strategically align to your business. It outlines a logical sequence to approach each step of your journey, starting with the strategy and working through to the project details.

As we step through this process, we will explore the key considerations in adopting a shared value lens, such as:

  • Which social issues does my business intersect with?
  • What social conditions does my business depend on?
  • Does my shared value idea align to our company strategy and purpose?
  • Which internal and external stakeholders and partners do we need to work with?
  • Are we achieving both measurable social and economic value?
  • How can we progress our idea by breaking it down and conducting experiments to validate key assumptions?