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Social Impact Festival 2017

  • July 18, 2017
  • The University of Western Australia
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The Social Impact Festival is a platform for cutting-edge knowledge and ideas, for celebrating those initiatives creating positive social change in Australia and abroad, and for generating and sharing insights needed to address complex social problems. This year, our theme is “Home, Place, and Land” – discussing issues that include community development, indigenous identity, homelessness, health promotion, mental health, housing, aged care and disability care, and sustainable development.

The festival features:

  • Impact School – for those seeking cutting-edge knowledge and ideas
  • Impact Lab – key stakeholders work together to address deep social issues
  • Impact Brekkie – explore the big questions around the kitchen table
  • Impact Gallery – where Perth becomes a canvas for creative expressions of social impact
  • Impact Open House – get a sneak peak inside for-purpose organisations and innovative spaces.
  • The Good Market – shop at WA’s thriving social enterprises, ethic and eco-friendly businesses, all in one spot.
  • Impact Sparker Events – the fringe of the festival, showcasing impact sparked by organisations and groups everywhere.

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