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Shared Value In-Practice Series | Demystifying Business Purpose Statements

Delivered by shared value expert Phil Preston: Clarity of purpose is becoming critical to business success. However many companies are missing the mark when they craft their purpose statements, so how do you ensure your purpose is authentic, robust and embraced by your workforce? And how does shared value help drive a business towards its purpose?

  • March 3, 2022
  • Online
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This session will explore:

· Why clarity of purpose is now critical to business success

· The difference between vision, purpose, mission and values

· An analysis of purpose statements of Australia’s Top 50 companies

· The 5 essential features of a great purpose statement

· How shared value aligns with delivering your organisation purpose



Phil Preston, Founder, The Business Purpose Project

Phil left a 17 year corporate career to help develop purpose-led businesses, teams and leaders, and has since worked with hundreds of clients on purpose-based challenges. He was invited to Boston in 2013 to help form the inaugural network of shared value practitioners and joined the Shared Value Project as a consulting member in 2014. Phil is the founder of The Business Purpose Project, author of Connecting Profit with Purpose, co-host of Corporate Conversations on Purpose and host of Talking Purpose in Business & Life.



Shared Value In-Practice Series

Looking for more examples of HOW to combine social impact with business success? Eager to hear from the experts and practitioners who have turned this idea into a leading strategy to make purpose tangible? We’ve heard you.

That’s why we continue to build on our shared value storytelling with the Shared Value In-Practice Series; where you’ll gain the tools and insight to bring shared value to life in your own organisation.