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Acknowledge This! preparing for an authentic Acknowledgement of Country

  • May 1, 2023
  • NAB The Hub, Ground Floor 395 Bourke Street, Melbourne
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We’ve all felt uncomfortable giving or hearing an awkward Acknowledgement of Country. Most people who deliver one read from a script, ad lib one they’ve heard elsewhere or, worst case scenario, treat it as a “tick box” part of housekeeping. This tokenistic presentation defeats the purpose, which is meant to make you feel connected to each other, country and culture.

This training is for everyone who has been there who wants to be part of a change for the better. As part of our own Reconciliation process, Shared Value Project are opening up this Melbourne event to members, employees and friends who want to be more comfortable, respectful, authentic and dare we even say, joyful, in their Acknowledgement of Country.

This is for anyone, at any level in your organisation. It is for your partners in the community, your stakeholders whom you want to support. Come as an individual, or buy a group of tickets.

Outcomes of the training are:

  • A deeper understanding of Acknowledgement of Country
  • A deeper understanding of the purpose of each part of an Acknowledgement of Country
  • Developing a personalised Acknowledgement of Country format to adapt for any gatherings where you want to acknowledge our shared history and place
  • Ability to articulate your own or your companies relationship with country

Feedback from past participants:

“This was one of the best set up and most engaging professional development events I have attended in a long time and I would recommend it to everyone and anyone!”


“Thank you for giving me the courage, confidence and permission to respectfully and genuinely deliver Acknowledgement of Country anywhere.”

“It was both immediately practical and useful and rousing. I was able to share my key take outs immediately on a community Zoom call later the same day.”


Acknowledge This! are a Supply Nation registered company run by Rhys Paddick and Emma Gibbens. Rhys is a Budimia / Yamatji / Noongar Australian and Emma, an ally who hails from the cold of North America. Both are experienced facilitators and conversation holders. Rhys has spent many years in what he terms as cultural desensitivity. Taking the fear and mistrust away from important learning moments. Emma brings a playful approach to energising change and taking grassroot movements to mainstream impact. They have educated over 14,000 Australians in their Acknowledge This! training.