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Enhancing the Community | nib Group

nib foundation, the charitable arm of nib Group, partnered with Hello Sunday Morning (HSM) to address the issue of alcohol misuse and its impact on chronic disease in Australia. The partnership focuses on developing digital tools and referral pathways to help nib members and the broader community access support for managing their alcohol intake and improving mental wellbeing.

Societal Value Created

  1. The Alcohol and Wellbeing Self-Assessment tool, developed with nib foundation’s support, has been used by 40,000 people in its first 12 months, helping individuals understand their drinking habits and access appropriate support.
  2. HSM’s member research found statistically significant reductions in alcohol consumption for 53% of users and reduced levels of psychological distress for 41% of users, demonstrating the effectiveness of the tool in facilitating positive changes in drinking behaviours and mental wellbeing.

Business Value Created

  1. The partnership aligns with nib’s strategic priority to support members’ health needs and minimise potential future health risks, with the goal of reducing health risks and preventing the onset of chronic disease.
  2. In FY23, nib referred 3,200 members who completed the Alcohol and Wellbeing Self-Assessment, received personalised feedback, and suggestions for further actions, demonstrating the tangible business value of the initiative in engaging members with relevant support.