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Enhancing the Community | Arup

Arup partnered with The Zubin Foundation, a Hong Kong charity focused on improving the lives of ethnic minorities (EMs), to address the lack of social inclusion faced by EMs in Hong Kong. Through this partnership, Arup provided pro bono services, expertise, and resources to support Zubin’s initiatives, including the development of an office space, a community center for EM children and families with special education needs, and the WeDesign education program for EM youth.

Societal Value Created

  1. Enabled Zubin to expand its services, supporting 94 individuals in securing jobs and internships, attracting 2,000 visitors to the new community centre, and increasing mental health counseling services by 500%.
  2. Fostered a sense of belonging and inspired EM youth through the WeDesign program, which aims to address community needs through urban planning and design.

Business Value Created

  1. Built staff capacity by presenting the project outcomes to 500 senior leaders and team members, showcasing Arup’s multidisciplinary approach and Total Architecture service.
  2. Expanded Arup’s portfolio and skills in areas such as interior fit-outs, MTR projects, and NGO/institutional projects, attracting potential new clients and enhancing talent acquisition.