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Climate and Nature Solutions | Sustainable Office Solutions

SOS partnered with Hang Lung Properties and Crossroads Foundation to implement a holistic resource utilization scheme during Hang Lung’s office rejuvenation project, focusing on reuse, redistribution, and recycling of office furniture and equipment. The initiative included a Staff Take Home program, donations to local and regional NGOs, upcycling of non-reusable resources, and recycling of remaining items to maximise circular economy benefits.

Business Value Creation Opportunity

– The project positions SOS at the forefront of sustainability trends, allowing them to capture emerging opportunities aligned with growing customer focus on ESG and support clients’ evolving needs.

– By efficiently reusing and refurbishing items, the initiative helps reduce waste disposal and handling fees, streamline processes, and lower costs for both the participating companies and the beneficiary NGOs, while also enhancing their reputation as sustainability leaders.