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Climate and Nature Solutions | Conservation Volunteers Australia

Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) collaborated with Arup to develop the concept of “Nature Blocks” – transforming 1m x 1m spaces in backyards, balconies, or workplaces into sanctuaries for native species to address the loss of biodiversity in urban areas. Arup’s technical analysis helped identify priority areas for creating habitat corridors, and the partnership leveraged businesses as influencers to educate and inspire action for nature conservation.

Business Value Creation Opportunity

The initiative led to the creation of “Leaders for Nature,” a cohort of C-suite leaders committed to delivering environmental solutions through their businesses, providing a platform for CVA and Arup to engage with potential partners such as Coles, AIA, and Transurban. The partnership with Arup has opened up new opportunities, such as the exploration of an “Urban Shade Forest” initiative to bring ecological and social impacts to low socio-economic areas, and securing a Nature Block partnership with Bupa valued at over $250,000.