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Advancing Equity | AIA Australia

AIA Australia identified the challenge of women facing inequity due to menopause and perimenopause, which often leads to early workforce exit, reduced superannuation, and increased health issues. To address this, AIA developed a holistic approach, including webinars for employers and superannuation partners, a roundtable discussion, and a recovery program for women on income protection claims.

Societal Value Created

  1. Enables women to thrive in midlife and age well by providing the right support and access to doctors trained in menopause management.
  2. Aims to change the stigma associated with menopause and increase awareness through education and discussions with various stakeholders.

Business Value Created

  1. Improves claims experience and product sustainability by addressing the impact of menopause on income protection and total and permanent disability claims.
  2. Differentiates AIA as a purpose-led organisation that understands women’s health inequality, making them appealing to industry funds and employers with predominantly female members/employees.


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