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Board of Directors

Peter Yates AM

Chair, Shared Value Project
Peter is Deputy Chairman of The Myer Family Investments Ltd and a Director of AIA Australia Limited.

Rhod Ellis-Jones

Deputy Chair and Founder, Shared Value Project
Rhod is a business strategist with diverse experience delivering advice and services to major private and public companies, governments and non-government organisations. He has been an adviser to high profile politicians and government leaders at capital city, state and national levels.

David Harrington

Director, Shared Value Project
David is the Group Executive Strategy and Corporate Development. He joined IAG in 2011 as General Manager for CGU's Corporate Office. David has over 25 years’ experience in corporate strategy, digital innovation and corporate finance, across a range of companies.

Mark Kramer

Director, Shared Value Project
Mark is the co-founder and Managing Director of FSG, and co-author of the Harvard Business Review article 'Creating Shared Value' (2011).

Helen Steel

Chief Executive Officer, Shared Value Project
Helen is the Chief Executive Officer of the Shared Value Project. She has more than 18 years business development experience including stakeholder engagement and communications, networking, high-impact functions, and cultural exchange for organisations in Australia, the USA and Japan.

Gordon Watson

Director, Shared Value Project
Gordon is the newly appointed Chair of the Shared Value Project Hong Kong. Gordon is the former Regional Chief Executive of AIA Group's operations in Hong Kong & Macau, Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam and New Zealand.