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Advisory Board

The Shared Value Project Advisory Board is made up of representatives from Founding Member organisations and key leaders in shared value in Australasia.

The SVP Advisory Board is chaired by Sasha Courville.

Sasha Courville

Head of Social Innovation, NAB
Sasha Courville is responsible for Social Innovation at NAB.

Peter Burns

CEO, YMCA Victoria
Peter is the passionate, innovative and deeply committed leader of one of Victoria’s leading charities, YMCA Victoria. As a teen volunteer he witnessed the demise of the YMCA in Melbourne from afar.

Hugh Foley

Corporate Responsibility & Shared Value Consultant
Hugh Foley is an expert in corporate responsibility, shared value, multi-sector partnerships, and philanthropic strategy. Hugh has advised corporate and philanthropic leaders around the world on programs and investments that deliver measureable results for both business and society.

Jason Hincks

CEO - Community Investment Solutions, Karrikins Group
Jason Hincks joined Karrikins Group as Chief Executive Officer, Community Investment Solutions in March 2016.

Stuart Irvine

Chief Executive Officer, Lion
Stuart Irvine has been Chief Executive Officer of Lion since January 2013.

Ramana James

Head of Group Shared Value, IAG
Ramana has a long career in sustainability and shared value. He established the Corporate Responsibility function at Vodafone Australia in 2003 and led environmental practice across 26 countries for Vodafone Group during two secondments as the Group Environment Manager, based in the UK.

Melinda Leth

Manager - Economics, Regulation and Policy, EY
Melinda is a strategist and innovator with over 10 years of experience in helping for-profits, not-for-profits and governments create lasting commercial, social and environmental value.

Peter McNamara

General Manager - Business and Organisational Development, Good Shepherd Microfinance
Peter has over 10 years senior executive experience in the NFP sector including as General Manager at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and since 2012 as General Manager, Business and Organisational Development, at Good Shepherd Microfinance, one of Australia’s leading NFP’s addressing financ...

Sam Moore

Head of Community Bank Model Development, Bendigo & Adelaide Bank
Sam is responsible for business development across the Group’s shared value business models, Community Bank® and Alliance Bank®, as well as stakeholder engagement on shared value, environmental and social issues.

Robyn Robertson

Manager, Innovative Business Development, World Vision Australia
Robyn heads up World Vision Australia’s ‘New Business’ Team, tasked with identifying and developing public private partnerships willing to experiment with innovative finance models (including results based finance, shared value, contracting based on outcomes and commercial joint ventures) t...

Renae Smith

Chief Marketing Officer, AIA Australia
Renae Smith is a highly respected and accomplished leader with over 18 years of experience in the Marketing area and joined AIA in February 2015.

Margaret Stuart

Head of Corporate and External Relations, Nestlé Oceania
Margaret is head of Corporate and External Relations at Nestlé Oceania, where she has responsibility for communications and public affairs across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and the Pacific and for managing the issues shaping Nestlé’s operating environment.

Harley Wright

General Manager - Corporate Services, Opal Aged Care
Harley Wright joined Opal as Chief Financial Officer in 2011. In August 2016, Harley was appointed General Manager, Corporate Services to further enhance and simplify Opal’s quality and systems platforms.