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Alison McLean

General Manager, Shared Value Partnerships, AIA

Alison McLean is General Manager of Shared Value Partnerships at AIA Australia. The Team develop innovative wellbeing solutions that deliver Shared Value for our customers, society, and AIA. AIA’s solutions are behavioral science and analytics driven and developed in collaboration with their partners – academics, start-ups, and healthcare providers – who share our focus on social impact.

Alison has worked for the past 10 years in the field of Behavioral Science. In 2020 she established the team at with AIA Australia with a focus on health and finance decision making and behavior.

Prior to this she worked at Swiss Re as the Head of Behavioral Research where she established their global behavioral science team in 2014. During her time at Swiss Re, her team conducted over 100 behavioral science trials related to insurance and health decision making and behavior; she established collaborations with leading behavioral science academics and institutions and championed an interdisciplinary approach across behavioral science, data science and technology to create more sophisticated understanding of the heterogeneity of behavior and drive automated, scaled applications of behavioral science.

Alison in a clinically trained economist who has completed a Master of Science in Health Economics, Policy and Management (London School of Economics), holds a Master of Health Science in Health and Environment (Queensland University of Technology) and a Bachelor of Health Science Occupational Therapy (University of Newcastle, Australia).