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Member Q&A: Sarah Reilly, Cred Consulting Founder and Director

February 10, 2022

Tell us about Cred Consulting?   

Cred Consulting is a people-first planning consultancy based in Sydney, creating better communities, places and cities.

We believe that our built environment, our natural environment and our social and cultural wellbeing are intertwined. We strive for communities, places and cities that are connected, beautiful and regenerative. We want to be good ancestors and ensure that we pass on to future generations an inheritance that improves on the one we have received.

At Cred, we are on a mission to create Complete Communities – communities that are engaged with each other, with decisions that affect them, and with the places and spaces around them. Complete Communities are happy, active, diverse, inclusive, healthy, engaging, connected, safe, fun and resilient.

How would you describe how you live your purpose at Cred? 

In line with Cred’s vision and values, our actions within the community extend beyond our project work. As a team, we continually aim to find ways to contribute our skills, expertise and time to support values-driven organisations and communities.

The fees we’ve generated through our work with our clients and communities will enable us to soon establish a community-giving arm, where a proportion of our profits will be directly reinvested back into social projects, programs and funding to address social challenges that we that we identify through the work that we do with communities every day.

How do you integrate this into the organisation’s culture? 

At Cred, our values define who we are and what we do for our clients and communities:

We care courageously:

We are fierce believers in ‘doing good’ for communities and pursue this purpose courageously within our team, our relationships with clients and communities, and the work we do together, to create Complete Communities – now and in the future.

Curiosity is our friend:

Our superpower lies in the questions we ask. We are discoverers taking the time to listen, learn and explore with our clients and communities, bringing everyone on the journey.

Your growth is our growth:

The future we want to create together is nurtured now. Every relationship, lesson learnt, and creative action helps us evolve and improve. We learn, grow and excel together – this is what drives and sustains us.

What are some of the most pertinent issues in Australia that could be solved through creating shared value?

  • Addressing inequitable distribution of affordable housing across our cities, including creating jobs near where people work.
  • We need socially equitable urban design, to ensure that people in every community have access to quality public spaces nearby to home, such as parks, tree-lined streets and community facilities.
  • Providing children and young people with the opportunities they need to develop and grow no matter where they live, or their economic situation.
  • Learning from each other, in particular, from the knowledge of Australian’s First Nation people – their strong connection to country and cultural knowledge – is important to actioning a pathway towards reconciliation.

In a sentence, why do you believe shared value is important today?

Shared value is so important because our society is becoming increasingly inequitable. At, Cred, we strive to be a force for good to reduce inequality, empower stronger communities and create healthier environments. We want to be good ancestors and ensure that we pass on to future generations an inheritance that improves on the one we have received.

Finally, please describe why you’ve joined the shared value community?

For all of the above reasons. I care deeply about people and everyone having equal opportunities to live happy, health, and resilient lives. My vision is that Cred can lead the way to make positive change happen for every person, and for our future generations. Also, we want to give back to the communities who have given us so much and enabled our business to grow to where it is now.