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October 7, 2014

The Community page on the Shared Value Initiative website is an online global forum for users to register and engage in topical global shared value conversations. It allows individuals interested in shared value to become contributors and create posts in order to share perspectives and engage others in new ways of thinking about shared value. Whether it is an opinion piece, questions for discussion, examples, cross-post content, research, or news, this is content generated by the community for the community.

We encourage any individuals with an interest or experience in shared value to sign up and to help build a strong Australian presence and consortium which will be integrated into the Shared Value Project website at a later stage. There are terrific opportunities to engage with new people, it is how the Shared Value Project has built new relationships with fellow Australian practitioners such as Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, and the Shared Value Initiative features top picks in their Spotlight page on their website as well as in their monthly e-newsletter. Members are also given access to download exclusive reports and papers from the Shared Value Initiative website on the latest shared value research.

As the Regional Partner of the Shared Value Initiative, the Shared Value Project will continue to be actively involved with the Community page. Our staff members are using their own profiles to share relevant Shared Value Project news and updates, such as the blog posts on our website to a global audience.

We recommend that companies practicing shared value have their individual staff members involved become representatives on the Community and register to set up a profile describing their work in shared value and their biography, and then start posting to share their experiences, comment on discussions, explore other members such as fellow Australians, thought leaders, and the Shared Value Project and Shared Value Initiative staff, and connect to follow their activity.

Tips from the Shared Value Initiative

  • Include a photo and biography as you may be selected as the featured member in the Community Portal.
  • Make sure to populate the appropriate fields with your interests per industry, region, social issue and your organisation type. This will help other community members find you via Member Connect, a networking system in which you may follow fellow practitioners’ activity and view contact information to connect offline.
  • Comment on discussion posts to start engaging with other members and share your ideas.
  • Click ‘Connect’ – Member Connect enables you to curate your feed of content from peers, potential partners, and experts in the “Recent Connection Activity” feed in the Community Portal.
  • Get started searching for people who are located near you, share your concern for a specific social issue, or look for a company or industry you’re interested to learn more about.

Who to follow


Click here to sign up and create a profile on the Shared Value Initiative Community.

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