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Featured new member: AVI

October 27, 2016

This month we are pleased to announce AVI as the newest member of the Shared Value Project. AVI is an Australian, not-for-profit organisation committed to achieving economic and social development outcomes across Asia, the Pacific and the world. AVI invites change and connects people to bring about change by sharing their skills, knowledge and experience through international pathways and networks including governments, universities and the private sector.

AVI combines extensive cross-sector networks with an evidence-based approach, which contributes to economic, social and environmental change for communities in the region and beyond. AVI supports and co-designs locally driven initiatives that help stimulate sustained outcomes, rewarding relationships between Australians and their international peers.


AVI is a strong supported of shared value partnerships. AVI were recently one of the recipients in Round 1 of DFAT’s Business Partnerships Platform (BPP), for their partnership with Intrepid Group to promote inclusion of Myanmar small and medium enterprises in the tourism industry. This partnership, like many of their initiatives, provides a strategic investment opportunity in a sustainable funding model, supporting AVI’s expansion and diversification into the growing market for social enterprise and innovative private sector partnerships. Working across the tourism and hospitality industries, the partnership provides access to a supporter base for funding, expertise and promotion of AVI’s work.

We look forward to working with AVI as part of our member network, continuing to build shared value opportunities in this area, and encouraging further engagement by Australasian organisations in international markets.