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Apply for Organisation of the Year

This award recognises corporate organisations where shared value has been, or is being, adopted and embedded as part of the organisation’s broader business strategy. The organisation is purpose-led and shared value has clear support and endorsement from senior leadership. There is an appreciation of the importance of engagement across all levels within the organisation. A variety of shared value projects and initiatives are being explored or developed and they demonstrate the potential for shared value to become business as usual within the organisation.

Organisations have demonstrated the following:

Development of a shared value culture

  • The organisation is purpose-led and has clear intention of using shared value principals.
  • The organisation’s leadership is committed to the development of a shared value approach or the development of shared value solutions.
  • The organisation is creating a culture designed to regularly create, nurture and develop game-breaking or pattern-breaking ideas as a function of business.
  • The organisation has demonstrated inventiveness and originality through the application of a ‘big idea’ and/or business model.
  • The organisation has dramatically improved upon an existing process or has solved a common customer problem.
  • Systems are put in place to spur continuous shared value innovation across the company.

Contribution to the shared value community and knowledge sharing

There is a strong culture of shared value within the organisation and well-thought-out efforts to upskill employees and other stakeholders across the organisation.

  • The organisation has a clear commitment to sharing knowledge gained through their shared value practices.
  • The organisation contributes to broader discussions across the shared value community.

Opportunity for scalability

  • There is a clear opportunity to take the solution(s) being led by the organisation to scale.
  • The organisation has demonstrated the potential to address a significant social issue on a national or global scale.

Strong measurement

  • There is a clearly defined and realistic measurement approach included as part of the shared value activity within the organisation.
  • The measurement of shared value activity is integrated and relative to core business reporting.
  • The organisation is measuring both business and economic, and societal impact.
  • The organisation has set realistic performance targets.
  • The organisation has implemented the appropriate processes to collate the data required for measurement.

Clear economic benefits while addressing significant social issues

  • There is a clear economic impact that is being derived or will be derived from the organisation’s overall shared value strategy and activities.
  • For corporate organisations the potential would involve increased profit for the business while civil society organisations would gain service improvements or funding efficiencies.
  • The shared value activity addresses a significant social issue relevant to the organisation’s core business, which is clearly defined and articulated.
  • For corporate organisations, the shared value project or initiative has the potential to offer the company a competitive advantage.
  • They have demonstrated the commercial success of their shared value activities or demonstrated a high probability of imminent commercial success.

To apply:

  1. Complete and submit the form below referring to the above criteria. Applications will only be accepted via the form below.

  2.  Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to pay the administration fee(s).

  3. Your application is finalised once your payment has been received.

Before submitting your application, please refer to the terms and conditions of the Awards.

Please note; confidentiality of all information will be maintained and information will only be published with approval from the entrant.