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Harvard guru Mark Kramer on how tell if shared value is real or just PR

AFR BOSS, 12/05/2016

During his time in Australia, Mark Kramer, founder of not-for-proft consultant FSG and a senior fellow at Harvard University, says too many companies have hijacked the concept for their own public relations purpose. “We see companies all over the world using the terminology ‘shared value’ but not really using it to mean what it was intended to mean. There is a fair amount of noise and that isn’t really helpful but it’s nice that the words were catchy.

World Bank spruiks opportunities in emerging markets to pension funds

The Australian, 11/05/2016

At the 2016 Shared Value Leadership Summit in New York, President of the World Bank Group Jim Yong Kim says he wants to do deals with pension funds to structure loans for private companies entering developing markets.

How to start changing the world in an hour

The Fifth Estate, 11/05/2016

Following on from their interactive lab at the 2016 Shared Value Forum, Ramana James from IAG and Ben Peacock from Republic of Everyone share a step-by-step on designing projects that create both profit and social change – and can help solve the SDGs.

Leaving behind an old paradigm

Investment Magazine, 04/05/2016

Tim Costello, CEO of World Vision shared how it is very clear that shared value, which is doing good through business, is good for business.

Shared value makes sense

Border Mail, 04/05/2016

Regional Development Australia – Murray chief executive officer Gary Saliba is helping to spread the shared value message to the Border through a business meeting in Wodonga on May 27.

Ramana James on why he’s excited about resilience

The Fifth Estate, 26/04/2016

The insurance sector is keen to work with the property industry in designing and building more resilient communities to reduce the impact of extreme weather events. Ramana James from IAG talks to The Fifth Estate on why he’s excited about resilience and shared value.

Interview: Mark Kramer on the past, present and future of shared value

Marketing Magazine, 22/04/2016

Mark Kramer speaks with Marketing Magazine at the 2016 Shared Value Forum about the evolution of shared value and the growing case for its potential to create profit, generate competitive advantage and help solve social problems – along with positive brand implications.

How cheap coffees can nudge citizens to a healthier lifestyle

The Mandarin, 22/04/2016

Turning poor impulse control on its head can have positive outcomes, as health insurers found after using behavioural economics to incentivise healthier living. Can government partner on this shared goal? David Donaldson writes on Discovery Group’s Vitality program following the 2016 Shared Value Forum.

Reflections on Shared Value in Australia Today

ProBono Australia, 20/04/2016

As the interest among corporates to use their core business to help solve social and environmental issues grows, Not for Profits and the government should also get on board with shared value, writes Laura Reed strategic advisor at Spark Strategy.

Helping Business Lead the Change

ProBono Australia, 20/04/2016

Corporate Australia has a growing social conscience, but not every company knows where to start. In this month’s Executive Insight, Scott Matyus-Flynn explains how Republic of Everyone, a member of the Shared Value Project, helps organisations implement effective strategies.