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Shared Value – how business is stepping up

The Guardian, 27/06/2017

From rising inequality to climate change, smart business models are helping share the load of finding sustainable solutions to today’s complex social challenges, leading innovators say.

Can Insurance Companies Incentivize Their Customers to Be Healthier?

Harvard Business Review, 23/06/2017

Insurers have a unique opportunity to align their commercial interests with encouraging preventive behaviors. By employing a “shared value” model, insurers, along with public services, can directly “monetize” better individual behavior as healthier or safer individual outcomes, lower claims costs, and improve risk pools, which can be translated into lower-priced premiums and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

How H&M, Coca-Cola, Nike, IKEA & NAB are making a universal difference

The CEO Magazine, 15/06/2017

From sustainable innovation to malaria vaccination, these 7 companies are harnessing their skills and resources to make the world a better place writes Amanda Smuin.

CEFC tops up NAB’s Energy Efficient Bonus program with $180m

Ecogeneration, 06/06/2017

Corporation is committing an additional $180 million to the NAB Energy Efficient Bonus program, following its success in helping Australian businesses transform their energy use

World Vision soft launches investment fund

Financial Standard, 01/06/2017

World Vision is soft launching an endowment fund targeting the interests of institutional investors with the intention to divert their interests to a social purpose, deploying capital in the field and generating a return.

This Volunteer Organization From Down Under Teaches Businesses How To Keep From Going Under

Forbes, 31/05/2017

How SVP Member Australian Business Volunteers works with social enterprises to improve their offerings and business practices.

Ken Henry backs 'DIY infrastructure' by communities

Sydney Morning Herald, 01/06/2017

As population growth puts a growing strain on public facilities, former Treasury Secretary and Chairman on NAB Ken Henry says local communities and businesses should play a bigger role in developing infrastructure projects that do not rely on government.

Watch: Dr Lisa Bonadonna from GSK talks to TVNZ Breakfast

TVNZ Breakfast, 24/05/2017

Dr Lisa Bonadonna from GSK talks to TVNZ Breakfast about the importance of business, government, and not-for-profits coming together around solving societal problems.

International Public Health Scientist to Brief NZ Govt, CEOs on Resolving Social Issues

Scoop, 24/05/2017

Dr Lisa Bonadonna from GSK says New Zealand corporations can adopt a ‘shared value’ strategy by recognising business opportunities in addressing social problems.

Insurance giant partners to combine life and health

Financial Standard, 24/05/2017

SVP Founding Member AIA Australia announces a new partnership with health fund GMHBA and South African company Discovery to work under the new brand myOwn and offer both life and health insurance, along with AIA’s wellness program AIA Vitality.