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Back Asia's Refugees: A solution seen as a problem?

CSR Asia, 26/07/2017

In the midst of the highest levels of displacement on record, it’s time to reconsider the relationship between the private sector and refugee populations, and how responsible businesses in Asia can leverage opportunities related to refugees that create shared value for all stakeholders writes Aaron Sloan for CSR Asia.

Growth in Responsible Investment is Backed by Better Than Average Financial Returns

ProBono Australia, 25/07/2017

Ethical, impact and environmentally sustainable investments are now outperforming mainstream investments, a new report has found. The Responsible Investment Benchmark Report 2017 released in July revealed  ‘core’ responsibly invested Australian share funds have outperformed their equivalent mainstream funds over three, five and 10-year horizons.

Meet the young CEO at this insurance giant who wants to help Australians pay less for his product

Business Insider, 17/07/2017

Damien Mu makes what may seem, at first pass, a somewhat startling admission for a senior insurance executive: he’s not sure exactly what’s covered by his own various personal insurance policies. But the CEO of AIA — the second-largest life insurer by market share in Australia — points out this is the case for everyone, and it’s a problem that goes to the heart of the challenges for insurance companies and their customers.

Listen: With a little help from friends - how Nestlé plans to solve the global food crisis

The Better Business Show, 11/07/2017

This episode of the Better Business Show podcast reports from inside the HQ of the world’s biggest food business, Nestlé to explore a wealth of solutions designed to solve the global nutrition crisis – including contact lenses that can monitor your glucose levels and smart watches that use your doctors’ notes to prescribe exactly the right diet.

Q&A: Brooke Summers on DFAT's cotton collaboration

Devex, 05/07/2017

An Australian program encouraging collaboration between cotton farmers in Australia and Pakistan has been held up as a new way forward for the cotton industry. The initiative, which aims to improve access to global cotton markets for farmers in Pakistan, is a collaboration between the Better Cotton Initiative, Cotton Australia and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the Business Partnerships Platform. It will support the training of an estimated 200,000 farmers in Pakistan to become part of the BCI and Cotton Australia is providing a key role in providing expertise and knowledge.

How shared value is changing capitalism’s relationship to society

Diplomatic Courier, 03/07/2017

While CSR has been around for centuries — first being mentioned in the early 1900’s and entering mainstream media in its current form later in the decade — the concepts behind CSR and shared value have often been viewed as two separate parts of a whole.

Insurance: the ultimate shared-value industry

Insurance News, 03/07/2017

Shared value as a concept is nothing new – but a recent report suggests the Australian insurance industry is perfectly placed to take it to the next level.

Insurers urged to invest in ‘shared value’

Insurance News, 03/07/2017

A new report encourages Australian insurers to adopt the shared-value concept and drive improvements to communities.

Time group insurers put heads together on mental health

Investment Magazine, 03/07/2017

A recent gathering, hosted by Investment Magazine and sponsored by AIA Australia, brought together 14 leaders from the superannuation, group insurance and mental health sectors. The group identified a major opportunity to improve collaboration and information sharing.

Shared value added $70 million to NAB's bottom line in 2016

Australian Financial Review, 03/07/2017

Companies may be able to build a continuing source of competitive advantage if their culture is imbued with a shared-value approach, according to National Australia Bank chairman Ken Henry.