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Business has the power to drive social change and make profit using shared value

AFR BOSS, 18/04/2016

Shared value guru Mark Kramer says he’s reached a startling realisation since co-authoring the groundbreaking Harvard Business Review article Creating Shared Value: that business has the power and potential to drive social change – Editor of AFR BOSS Joanne Gray write foreign the 2016 Shared Value Forum.

Behavioural economics key to profits, says Adrian Gore of insurer Discovery

Australian Financial Review, 18/04/2016

Founder and chief executive of listed South African insurance giant Discovery, Adrian Gore began dominating the South African health and life insurance market after he had an epiphany that “people aren’t rational” about their health – The Australian Financial Review writes in the leadership section from the 2016 Shared Value Forum.

Shared value gives new options for socio-economic development

The Mandarin, 18/04/2016

Shared value gives new options for socio-economic development – Cassian Drew, head of Palladium’s ANZ & Pacific practice reflects on the key takeaways from the Shared Value 2016

Shared Value Growing in Popularity

The Fifth Estate, 19/04/2016

Australian corporations, government bodies and not for profits are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their approach to shared value, which will in turn create huge opportunities, says Ramana James, Insurance Australia Group’s Head of Group Shared Value. The Fifth Estate talks to Ramana and our Executive Director Helen Steel.

Shared value: who will bring the leadership required?

The Mandarin, 14/04/2016

The Department of Foreign Affairs says the concept of shared value has made dealing with the private sector easier and more focused writes David Donaldson.

Can shared value help solve our wicked problems?

The Mandarin, 11/04/2016

Government can gain huge advantage from working with the shared value movement writes Tom Burton following the Palladium conference on shared value in Canberra, with examples including Carnival Cruises.

Shared Value Key to NFP Sustainability

ProBono Australia, 06/04/2016

Partnerships with shared value businesses could provide the Not for Profit sector with a “huge opportunity” for long-term funding, according to an industry expert.

Executive Director of the Shared Value Project, Helen Steel, said that corporations could offer Not for Profits a greater pool of resources than other funding avenues.

Peter Yates talks to The Business

ABC News, 04/04/2016

Our Chair Peter Yates AM talks to host of The Business Ticky Fullerton about the growing shared value movement, how it is changing corporate Australia, and how big business investing in their communities can be a win win.

The Business of Solving Society’s Problems

The Australian, 28/03/2016

Victoria Thieberger writes in The Australian and Business Spectator how companies in region are seeking to marry profit with social benefits as part of a new push across the corporate sector that goes beyond CSR to actively target social issues.

Three Ways to Think Creatively about Creating Shared Value

ProBono Australia, 23/03/2016

Creativity in strategy, partnerships and communication must be a driving force behind the implementation of shared value, writes Scott Matyus-Flynn, Head of Strategy at Republic of Everyone, a member of the Shared Value Project.