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Apply for small/medium organisational award

To apply:

  1. Complete and submit the form below referring to the criteria for each category and submit it. You can download the questions in a Word document to draft your responses, however, applications will only be accepted via the form below.
  2. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to pay the administration fee(s).
  3. Your application is finalised once your payment has been received.

Before submitting your application, please refer to the terms and conditions of the awards.

Please note, that confidentiality of all information will be maintained and information will only be published with approval from the entrant.

2019 Shared Value Awards application - Small or medium organisation

This award recognises small and medium organisations where shared value has been or is being adopted and embedded as part of the organisation’s broader business strategy. The organisation is purpose-led and shared value has clear support and endorsement from senior leadership. There is an appreciation of the importance of engagement across all levels within the organisation. Shared value projects and initiatives are being explored or developed and they demonstrate the potential for shared value to become business as usual within the organisation.
  • Primary contact

  • About your organisation

  • Provide a brief overview of your organisation's approach to shared value including your overall objective, partnerships, and the social and business value created. Please note this will be used in promotional materials. (150 words)
  • The People's Choice Award will be decided by the shared value community. Only shortlisted organisations will be eligible for this Award which will open for voting in late September.
  • How is your organisation leading through shared value?

  • Clearly describe the evolution of shared value within your organisation including the organisational priorities addressed by adopting a shared value strategy and how it is linked with your organisation’s overall strategy. (500 words)
  • Clearly describe the social issue(s) your shared value programs/initiatives are attempting to address and explain why solving/alleviating this issue is important to your business and the broader society. (500 words)
  • Outline your shared value approach including the team responsible for developing and delivering the shared value strategies. Include an outline of solutions (product, service or program) you have developed or partnerships you have established, what activities have been completed and what activities are planned as part of this shared value project or initiative and how you plan to measure the shared value success. (500 words)
  • Outline any results to date from shared value programs or initiatives and articulate the potential for scaling the programs. (250 words)
  • Clearly outline your business model including organisational structure and where responsibility for shared value sits. Include how you have or are planning to embed a purpose-led culture across the organisation and the engagement with senior leaders. (250 words) Please upload supporting documentation to demonstrate how your organisation is creating a purpose-led culture, as agreed upon by your organisation e.g. a Shared Value Charter, your company manifesto, a letter from the CEO, a purpose scorecard.
  • Please provide relevant documentation to support claims made in this application.

  • Supporting documents must be uploaded as a single PDF or a ZIP file.
    Accepted file types: pdf, jpeg, jpg, zip.
  • Official endorsement